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COVID-19 Response Plan

Youth Council Reignited

Youth Council was an initiative started by CTS youth of the past who were passionate about continuing the great work that CTS does year round. It was a way for the youth to get more involved in the development of our organization and starting new initiatives that they dreamed up of.

We’ve been wanting to restart our Youth Council and now seems like a better time than any! What exactly would this look like?

  • An Executive Youth Council team that would work closely with our Program Coordinator to develop the Youth Council structure, host meetings, coordinate with other youth, and have a presence in organization decisions
  • Monthly round table meetings open to any and all youth wanting to get involved
  • Project-based small teams focused on delivering a variety of projects such as:
    • CTS Guide to ____ (Camping, Plants, Parks, you name it!)
    • Marketing, Boothing, and Branding
    • Volunteer opportunities with partner organizations
    • Year-round Events (CTS Amazing Race, Year-end BBQ, Iron Chef Cookoff, Shoreline Cleanups)

Does this interest you? We’re currently gathering Executive Team and would love to hear from you!

Overnight Camping Cancelled

The ongoing health crisis has put CTS into a difficult position. We love what we do and want to continue giving youth the opportunity to explore, develop, and practice a love for their natural environment. But we also have a responsibility to our community to listen to our health authorities and do our part in slowing the spread of this virus. It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that there will not be any overnight camping for the upcoming season. With summer just a couple months away and the ongoing pandemic showing little chance of returning back to normal soon, we don’t think that we will be able to provide an overnight experience with the level of distancing and hygiene required. Sharing tents, limited water supplies, and community meals are only a few examples of unavoidable risks that come with overnight programs. Risks that we do not want to expose our youth and families to unnecessarily.

This means that our Spirit Steward Program and Peer Leader Training Program is going to drastically change with the 2020 season. We have already had to postpone all of our training sessions until further notice and it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to meet for a while. We are continually keeping updated with health guidelines and assessing when we can start to offer the programs that we love so much.

New Program Developement

As we continue to learn more about what we are allowed to do, we can start to provide adapted programs, such as day programs led by our experienced Peer Leaders or family stewardship activities that can be done independently. Although our usual camping programs will have to take a break, this offers us a unique time to be creative and develop some new ways to be involved and out in nature. Expect to hear more from us soon.