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Sarah Marsh


Sarah Marsh is an Associate Partner in the Audit and Assurance Group with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Vancouver Assurance practice, bringing over 12 years of experience in the provision of external and internal audit services, as well as advisory projects. She currently leads a team of 100 people taking responsibility for the communication to staff around people, learning and education, resourcing and profitability.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) from York University, UK and a CA designation from England and Wales with specialization in the areas of external audit, internal audit and operational reviews.

She worked in the UK public sector practice for six years and now continues that specialization in the Government and Not-for-Profit practice in BC. In that capacity, she has served a wide variety of government and not-for-profit organizations. Sarah’s extensive professional experience in the not-for-profit area will be invaluable to the Foundation as well as her keen interest in community work. She is very enthusiastic about promoting the activities of the Pacific Parklands Foundation.