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Get outside and make new friends! All while staying safe and having fun

CTS Day Camps

CTS Youth day camps are  3 hour long programs for youth to enjoy, learn, and experience the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Each program will have a theme based on the outdoors such as Nature Interpretation, Outdoor Skills and Ecology, and will have activities and learning opportunities that bring back the theme.

The programs will be supervised by CTS staff but led and implemented by trained CTS Peer Leaders. Peer Leaders will be older youth who are trained and experienced in leading team building, communication, and nature-based learning activities. They are all previous CTS participants and are experts at having fun safely and respectfully in our parks!

COVID-19 Safety

Due to the current pandemic, we have meticulously followed the guidelines of various health authorities, outdoor programming experts, and public safety guidelines to ensure that our programs are safe for our participants, our staff, and our leaders.

Here are the major steps we have taken to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Completely outdoor programming: Outdoor settings have been proven to greatly reduce the chance of transmission for the COVID-19 virus
  • Short and small: Less than 3 hours long and with no more than 10 participants total
  • Pre-screening and contact tracing: Our protocols have been revamped to include a higher level of tracing and all participants and staff are required to pass a pre-screening test to ensure they are eligible to join
  • Physically distant, socially together: Our staff and leaders have all been trained to ensure physical distancing is maintained! All of the activities are designed to be physically distant, yet just as fun, engaging, and interactive!

Who are the day camps for?

Youth aged 12-18 who:

  • Love the outdoors and can’t get enough of it
  • Wants to experience all of the outdoor benefits of living in beautiful Metro Vancouver
  • Are looking for new hiking buddies and fellow outdoor enthusiasts
  • Has never seen a tree before and have no idea what all the fuss is about
  • The boredom of sitting at home has finally gotten to you
  • Can identify every single type of insect ever known
  • Wants to learn outdoor skills, and learn even more about yourself
  • Loves to have fun

We have created a community that has a place for everyone. Coming along to a CTS day program is completely free and open to anyone who wants to join. We aim to get everyone outside and developing their own relationship with nature! 

What will I do?

Each program will include:

  • An icebreaker to introduce everyone
  • A team building activity to get to know each other
  • A learning opportunity for youth to learn from CTS staff and each other
  • A great day spent outside

All activities will be designed to be interactive, engaging, and teach respect and relationship building with nature! Whether you’re learning about the 7 Leave No Trace principles or the difference between Hemlocks and Douglas Firs, there’s something in it for everyone!


Where will I be?

For over 20 years, our programs have been generously hosted by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks at these four locations:

  • Burnaby Lake Regional Park
  • Pacific Spirit Regional Park
  • Capilano River Regional Park
  • Tynehead Regional Park

All programs are designed to best take advantage of the ecology, land, and people of their own park so be sure to check them all out!

When can I go?

Summer 2021 day camps will run Tuesday-Sunday.

Examples of day camps:


Learn to Hike (Beginners)

Go through the basics of hiking! Learn about the 10 Essentials and Leave No Trace Principles then go on a quick hike into the forest of Pacific Spirit!

Learn to Hike (Advanced)

Think you’re already a master of hiking? Well put your skills to the test on this long journey around Capilano River. Meet Grandpa Cap, find out why the Cleveland Dam is so important, and get your legs moving! 

You do NOT need to have done the Beginner Learn to Hike program to join this, just be aware that the hike is more challenging and so be prepared to sweat!

Bog Walks

What’s in a BOG?! Get to understand the incredible ecosystem of the Camosun Bog, use your senses to get in touch with your surroundings, and get to know a hidden gem of Vancouver.

Eco Walks

Time to brush up on those plant ID skills! Learn the difference between Sword and Bracken ferns, find out why the Hemlock bows its head in shame and why the Red Cedar is called the Tree of Life!


2021 registration will open on April 2nd.