Day Camps

2021 Day Camps

Hikes, bog walks, eco walks, outdoor cooking, camp games and community gardens are just some of the fun things we are getting up to this year.

Youth Council

Youth Council

Dedicate time beyond leading camps in the summer to keep the CTS vibes going throughout the school year! Any CTS youth is welcome to join.

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders

Learn about leadership, stewardship, environmentalism and outdoor recreation while connecting with nature in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.

CTS Youth Society is a non-profit organization that aims to connect every youth in Metro Vancouver with their natural environment, their community, and with each other through life-changing outdoor experiences.

We are dedicated to developing leadership and social responsibility in youth through environmental awareness and stewardship, outdoor recreation and youth ownership.

We connect youth with their natural environment, their community, and each other.

We provide free and accessible community education through environmental stewardship, leadership programs, and public service. We are strong believers in learning through action.

Our “leave no trace” philosophy educates youth on the sustainability of our environment in everything we do. We provide opportunities in Metro Vancouver regional parks such as environmental cleanups, invasive species pulls and and community activities.

“CTS was an opportunity for a kid who grew up in the city to start a love for nature that has never stopped growing.”
Rafa Narciso
-Rafa Narciso, Project Coordinator & CTS participant
Letters from camp (aka our newsletter)