Youth Council

Have your say. Get involved. Make a difference!

What is the CTS Youth Council?

The CTS Youth Council consists of a group of youth, aged 15-18, who dedicate time beyond leading camps in the summer to keep CTS thriving throughout the school year! These passionate youth help plan events, fundraisers, and outreach to keep the CTS community connected in the offseason. All Youth Council events are open for those who want to attend. 

Youth Council brings together CTS Youth members to discuss pertinent youth issues, get involved in local projects, and participate in the CTS community (and beyond!) This is a space where young people develop their interpersonal skills, hang with awesome people, and make a positive impact on their community.

Your voice matters!

What do Youth Council members do?

There are a lot of options and roles on the Youth Council. We have regular meetings to coordinate event plans as well as stay updated with each other. Some things the Youth Council gets up to:

  • Share ideas and vote for how to make CTS Youth Society the best it can be
  • Plan events (Halloween movie nights, holiday bake-offs, games nights, etc.)
  • Help run our social media channels
  • Plan fundraisers and volunteer (so that we can keep our regional parks thriving)
  • Outreach to keep the CTS community connected in the offseason

Who can join CTS Youth Council?

All CTS Youth Society members (aged 15-18) are welcome to join the Youth Council.

How do you join the Youth Council?

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Council member or learning more, e-mail us at