Janet Antonio

Janet Antonio | Executive Director

Janet is grateful to live in a region rich in natural beauty and green spaces. No matter how busy and hectic her life becomes, she can always find peace, tranquility and beauty in a park. Her hope is to continue building on the legacy of Regional Parks for the enrichment of children of today and the generations that follow.

Rafa Narciso

Rafa Narciso | Program Coordinator

CTS was a major part of Rafa’s life growing up. It allowed him to play, learn, and connect with others in nature. Nothing makes him happier than seeing himself in others as they reconnect with the world that has always surrounded them. Rafa wants to bring out the childish curiosity that everyone has within them.

Rachelle McBride

Rachelle Mcbride | Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Growing up in the Fraser Valley allowed Rachelle to spend lots of time enjoying all that our regional parks have to offer. She knows that days spent among the trees and nights spent under that stars are some of the best memories that life will give you. Rachelle is grateful her love of digital design, nature and the passion and curiosity of youth was bundled up into one awesome role at CTS.